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Create with fabric:

5 day workshop at Fridhems folkhögskola in Svalöv

Carpets, baskets, bags, jewellery - you can create everything in reclaimed fabrics! In this workshop we go through ways to create with fabric, most of them actually completely without needles and threads. We learn ancient techniques, we weave, crochet and braid, as well as experiment with fabric collage. We transform remnants, discarded clothing, old lace pieces and carpet cloths and rags to beautiful and usable creations. We finish the week with a vernissage!                          


Recycling craft: 

5 day workshop at Fridhems folkhögskola in Svalöv

What we call trash - recycled paper, plastic bags, packaging, boxes, soda cans - shouldn’t really be called trash. It’s just material we can use to create new beautiful things! In this workshop we learn various techniques to reuse paper, plastic and other “trash”, in an artisanal way: we braid and weave baskets and bags, spin plarn (plastic yarn) with spindle, weave easy carpets, create new things out of soda cans and pet bottles     and make paper pearls out of magazine pages. The emphasis is on lustful creating and to develop creativity. We go through the basics of material, colour and composition. No prior knowledge or experience needed.

One and a half day at Kallerholm

An “all inclusive inspiration workshop in concrete” in one and a half day with a lot of inspiration and creativity, good food and homemade pika at the beautiful Kallerholm’s Gård, close to Svedala. We gather on at Saturday or Sunday to holding and then a weeknight to unpack. Sign up through Lena Henriksson, 0703-885789. 

Adapted Workshop

Do you have a small garden space? A tolerating piece of lawn or garage driveway? Gather your friends or neighbours who are interested in concrete foundation and I’ll come over with everything we need. Get in contact and we’ll plan together! 0704 575174